Inaugural Post and Some Ghosts

Welcome to Mug Makes!, a blog full of crafts and ideas and all around fun and inspiring stuff that I’d like to share with you. I’m Lesley, and it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.

I am a former 9 to 5-er (or 6, or 7 or occasionally 8-er). An Art and Events Director at a video game publisher. After a 13 and a half year tenture there, I was recently “re-orged” (wah, wah). So I decided to take the opportunity to start this little crafty blog that I have thought about doing since my daughter, who is now 6, was born.

One door closes, another one opens? Well, we’ll see. In the meantime, let’s have a good time making some fun and crafty stuff. I plan to post twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursday. You can press the “Follow” button for alerts when new posts are up. I hope you’ll come back to hang out with Mug Makes! 

So, without further ado, I’ll start with something simple and seasonably appropriate…

Mug Makes! Milk Jug Ghosts


Got milk? We do. Mini Mug drinks a lot of milk. So why not create something fun and festive out of those gallon containers. I mean if everyone makes these, like everyone – that’s less garbage in our landfills, right? Let’s all do our part to save the environment. It’s a simple and easy project using supplies you probably already have at home.


Step 1: First step is to throughly wash your containers to avoid the lingering smell of spoiled milk. Unless of course you’re trying to keep the trick or treaters away. Maybe you forgot to buy candy or maybe ate it all yourself (no judgement here) – you can skip the washing step.

Step 2: Remove the labels on both front and back of the container. Mine were plastic so they peeled off pretty easily. A warm, wet sponge set a top paper labels for a few minutes will help loosen them. This should make them easier to scrape off.

Step 3: Once clean and label-free, use an x-acto blade or small box cutter to make a small opening at the bottom back of the container. I made mine about 2-1/2 x 3 inches or so. It should be large enough to get your hand into.


Step 4: For the faces you can use the ones I have included below (print out at 100%), or make your own. They should be no more than 4 x 4 inches to fit on the bigger, back side(s) of the container. Those are the sides opposite the handle corner and have more surface area for the image.

Ghost faces.pdf

Step 5: Once you have your image printed out, roughly cut away the excess paper so you can fit it into the container through the hole you cut earlier. Use a small piece of tape at top and bottom to secure it for tracing.

Step 6: When your face is placed where you want it, just trace away. I used a Sharpie but you could do it in pencil first and then go over your lines with a marker. Permanent is reccommended to avoid smudging or flaking. I also suggest 2 ‘coats’ of marker to make your blacks really black. And if you do it in an unventilated room, you may even get a bit loopy, so win-win.


Step 7: Once you’ve finished your faces and removed the printed template from inside, you can consider yourself done, as they look pretty fun already.


But  I wanted to use mine outside at night so I purchased 3 battery-operated candles at Dollar Tree and inserted them into the holes I cut at back. Isn’t the orange glow nice?


Wouldn’t it be fun to have a whole army of the festive fellows lining your driveway, or sitting on your lawn. Or use them inside on a fireplace hearth or one on each step in your stairway. However you chose to display them, I hope they bring you as much friendly Halloween fun as they are bringing us.


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