Mug Makes! Toddler Light Saber

This is a 2-post series: first was the buns, now the saber…

I just couldn’t find the right size light saber for Mini Mug’s Darth Leia costume, so I made one…


The only item I needed to purchase was the glow stick, and I found it in Target’s “The Spot” (you know, that area at the front of the store where everything is like $1-$3 and you end up buying crap you didn’t need, or end up distributing said crap around the rest of the store as you slowly realize you don’t need that, and don’t need that. Definitely do not need that. I bet there are a lot of “The Spot” items strewn around a lot of Targets. Unless that’s just me.)

Take your toilet paper roll, cut it down the length, attach a strip of double-sided tape to both cut edges and wrap it with the aluminum foil.


Once your tube is wrapped, trim the excess length and fold down the edges into the tube.


After you’ve covered your tube with foil, you want to tape it to the size of the foam stick, as this will be your handle. I used a piece of the double-sided tape on the overlap.


Slide your taped tube off  the foam stick and take a piece of your black tape to trim the top and bottom.

As you did with the foil, fold the untaped edges into the tube.


Then take a few pieces of tape, around 2 or so, and cut them in half lengthwise to make them thinner.


Add these to the bottom of your handle, trying to keep them evenly spaced and lined up at top.



Now you’ll take your black paper (I used a piece of my origami paper), fold it in half and cut the approximate shape show below.



You will wrap this around your tube and tape it to itself using another piece of double-sided tape. You don’t want to tape it directly to the foam stick because you want to be able to slide it up and down to adjust.


Now you can slide your tube over the wand and tuck the paper sleeve under it.


And that’s all there is to it! A baby light saber is born. Congratulations!


When I made this costume for Mini Mug 5 years ago, I was so excited to get her in it admire my handy work. We’ll as luck – and being the mother of a new toddler – would have it, she was petrified of the Darth Vader costume.


I mean wouldn’t let me put it on if her life depended on it. Kicking and screaming and crying a shrieking.  Had I recorded it, I would have had a great soundtrack to scare off any would-be trick or treaters.

Not accepting that this vision would not come to be, I took scissors to the jumpsuit and created a belt and patch that I fastened onto a black long-sleeve onesie using fuseable iron-on tape.


I took the cape that came with the original costume and also fastened that to the shoulders of the onesie. That, paired with black leggings and the raddest toddler-sized Adidas high-tops and this kid was a rock star.

I promised cuteness in the Leia bun post, so…







And if that wasn’t cute enough, how about Mini Mug Goes Trick or Treating for the first time…


You’re welcome.



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