Mug Makes! Tombstone Cupcakes

I volunteered to make a sweet treat for Mini Mug’s class Halloween party tomorrow.  I thought cupcakes would be fun, and because, let’s be honest, I’m really not a baker, a box mix was welcome. But making them more Halloweeny – that’s up my dark, creepy alley.


I purchased everything from Target (cake mix, graham crackers, frosting and black gel) and Michael’s (sprinkles and color mist). The cookie crumbs I picked up at the local pay-by-weight frozen yogurt place, because having to eat the cream out of a dozen or so sandwich cookies sounded great to my mouth, but not to my hips, and my hips won (for once).

Bake your cupcakes according to the package’s directions.

While your cupcakes are baking and cooling, you can cut your graham crackers. I used a serrated knife even on the perforated cookies to get a clean cut. Lightly sawing back and forth worked really well.

Once all your cookies are cut – you need one for each of your cupcakes – lay them out on paper towels to get ready to spray them.


While your spray is drying, you can frost and add the dirt and grass to your cupcakes.


I found there were 2 different ways to get your dirt and grass applied. One is to press lightly into your cookie crumbs first, and then the sprinkles.

Or, mix them together in one bowl and press into that.

The difference is subtle, but there is a difference and it’s of course your preference.


Now it’s time to make your tombstones! I kept them simple with just an “RIP” and some details to add a little something-something.

I think they are so fun…


Last step is to insert the tombstones into the cupcakes, being careful not to smudge your spooky writing.


And then of course try not to eat all of them before delivering them to the party. Oh wait, that’s me…


What a delicious looking graveyard.



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