Mug Makes! Hydration Tracking Easy

Here is an extremely simple and inexpensive project to help flush out all those Halloween treats from your system. And when I say treats, I mean wine (remember, there’s no judging here). Plus I bet a lot of us drink a good amount of water during the day, we just don’t keep track of it. Here’s where this can come in handy,

I’ve come across a similar idea on Amazon, but with a price tag of over $20 and a 3-star rating, I was hesitant to purchase. So on a recent trip to the Mecca, Dollar Tree, I came upon this


Lightbulb moment. With those ridges, couldn’t I place some $1 hair bands on it and recreate the same thing?


Yes I can and yes I did.


A common standard for how much water to consume each day is The 8×8 Rule. That’s (8) 8-ounce glasses per day. You can also find quite a few formulas online that are based on your body weight and exercise level but due to my refusal to divulge either of those numbers here, The 8×8 Rule will work just fine, thank you very much.


My cup holds 16 ounces so if I am following 8×8, I only have to drink 4 a day. But my cup has 5 ridges, so I’ll add another for good measure and because I may or may not have had more than my fair share of treats (wine) on Wednesday evening.

Now every time I’ve finished a cup of water, I move a band from the bottom to the top. It’s that simple.


This can also easily work on any cup or bottle you already have and you can save yourself $1. You may also already have a handful of hair bands lying around (although if you’re like me they tend to walk off on their own). If they haven’t walked off, you can use those and save yourself a whole $2! I don’t want to be accused of not being budget conscious, after all.


I can’t think of a more satisfying project that cost $2 (or less) and I can use everyday to help achieve something that is good for me. Excuse me while I high-five myself (as soon as I put down my water cup).

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