Mug Makes! Nail Polish Marbled Ornaments

For a while now, nail polish marbling has been making the rounds on the interwebs. I’ve always wanted to try it but never have, until now. I wanted to make a fun ornament for our tree and thought this would be the perfect time to try the marbling. Plus I knew I could get all my supplies from the dollar store and create something inexpensive and beautiful.


Everything was purchased at Dollar Tree except for the bowl. You could of course buy a plastic bowl for a dollar and then not even worry about clean up, just toss it.

Step 1: Pour the nail polish colors, one at a time onto the surface of your water. Some may fall under, but for the most part the polish will float. Also make sure your water is deep enough to completely submerge your ornament.

I started with gold, my lightest color and then added the other 2.


Step 2: Take one of your toothpicks and swirl the polish to create a pattern that you like.


Keep in mind the polish does dry fast so move quickly and don’t over-think. The irregularity of the pattern is what makes it so lovely.

Step 3: Remove the top of your ornament. This will make it easy to dip, and then sit while drying. The ones from the dollar store just easily pop out, and are simple to place back one you’re finished.


Step 4: Now we’re ready to dip. I put my finger inside the opening at the top of the ornament to allow me to completely submerge it in the water (it also helped keep my hands clean-ish).


Dip the ornament into the water, rolling it slightly to make sure you’ve covered it completely.


I felt mine was a little light and I still had polish on the surface of my water to I dipped it again, which gave me heavier coverage. This is completely up to you. Lighter is also beautiful.


Step 5: Now you’ll set it off to the side to dry.


I set mine upside down on the open end of the ornament, where we removed the cap.


This was also the time that I used my gold nail polish to cover the silver top. Again, this is optional, and may be dependent on the colors of your polish, but I felt the gold would match better with my marbling.

Step 6: While you are waiting for your polish to dry, and you chose to, you can easily clean your bowl by running a paper towel over the remaining polish. It will lift it up off the water and then you can throw it in the trash.

Once dry, place your cap back on and hang on your tree!


I think they are so fun and festive. Being easy and inexpensive is icing on the cake, or ornaments on the tree, if you will! :).


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