Mug Makes! Magazine Christmas Trees


My mother-in-law introduced me to this project. I saw them a few years ago while visiting for the holidays and was immediately draw to their modern style. I loved their simplicity and how you could create a whole forrest if you wanted to. She had hers coated in sparky glitter. I chose to keep mine naked because I like the graphic quality of the pages. Plus, having to not vacuum up glitter sounded nice.

They are created by folding the pages of a magazine. How full your tree is depends on how many pages you have in your magazine. I would suggest using a stapled spine, rather that a perfect bound. You’ll have trouble getting your perfect bound to wrap around into the tree shape due to its rigidity.


Step 1: Take a page from your magazine, or in my case, catalog, and fold the top right corner in so it lines up with the spine.


Step 2: Now take that triangle you’ve created and fold it in again so it lines up with the spine.


Step 3: Take the bottom corner of your page that is extending beyond the edge of your magazine and fold it to line up with the bottom.


You’ll want to really crease this fold (rub your nail over it) because in the next step, we’ll be reversing that fold inside.


Step 4: Open your folds and reverse that small flap at the bottom in so.


Step 5: Then fold your page back in.


And that’s how you fold each page of your magazine.


You’ll continue this until all the pages, including the front and back cover have been folded in.



Stand it up and fan out the pages. You can chose to glue the front and back covers together to hold it in place. I found that by tucking the pages into the spine really well, they stayed without glue. I also think this could help with storage once the holiday is over and the decorations come down. Storing the flat trees as opposed to the fanned-out ones will be easier.


I used the Target holiday catalog that arrived in November to make one. Because of all the colors, it is so festive. Plus it is slightly smaller in width and height than a magazine so it adds some variety to my forrest.


Aren’t those colors great?

I draped some battery-operated lights had over them and set some on the hearth.


They really are easy, and almost therapeutic to make. I found myself sort of zoning out as I got into the rhythm of folding the pages, and before I knew it, I was on my back cover, folding it in to complete my tree.


I think I’ll place some of these on our Christmas dinner table. They’ll add a festive, modern flare to our meal.  And if they happen to get some sweet potato or gravy splattered on them (we really get into our food after a few glasses of wine) …Oh, or wine spilled on them, I can toss them in the recycling and make new ones for next year.



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