Wine Box Ornament Storage

If you purchase your wine like the Mugs, it comes 12 bottles at a time and those bottles are in a box with a molded protector that holds them safe from breaking.


These are the PERFECT way to store your Christmas tree ornaments. The trays stack nicely and the box holds them neatly. Each box will hold at least 36, smaller non-breakable ornaments can go 2 to 3 in a section.

I have 2 boxes, each with 3 trays. One is like the above and the other is from another wine club (yes, we belong to multiple wine clubs) and they look like this…

The left and middle are fine, but the right one – not very functional without a bottom. Unless…


Maybe you have some of these leftover from holiday celebrations, too. They happen to fit perfectly into the holes…



And are actually great for larger ornaments, like our menorah…

Or Elsa (she has a big head)…


I just love the recycled element of the project. I try to reuse boxes, especially sturdy ones like the wine cases. This is a double-win because I am repurposing the inserts as well.

Layer 1 in the box…


Layer 2…


Top layer…


And closed…


I added labels with my P-Touch…



And they are ready for the garage until next Christmas comes along.


I’m sad to see the holidays come to an end for another year, but I secretly look forward to packing up our decorations and ornaments because of this system. It really is the only batch of items that I store successfully in our garage, hence the blurred picture below. There is no need to subject you to our garage situation.


But this is the year that Mug will Make our garage look less like an area that needs to be yellow-crime-scene tapped off, and (hopefully) more like a space that we can, at the very least, walk through and find things in. So stay tuned :).


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