A Roblox Whipped Cream Hat

Today was Crazy Hat and Hair Day for Mini Mug at school. I knew I wanted to make her something fun and different, and thought that a Roblox hat would be that perfect something. Mini Mug is a huge fan. Here was my inspiration…

And here were my supplies…


I had originally thought I would use white tights, but discovered these knee-high’s at Rite Aid in the hosiery aisle…


…for $.69 a pair! Couldn’t beat that.

Using standard craft-store fiber fill, I stuffed each of the 3 knee-highs.


A good trick, that my mom actually taught me way to many years ago, is the pull apart the fiber fill and soften it a bit. Almost think of it as ‘kneading’ it.


It helps it to fill more evenly than if it was used straight from the bag. You can see the difference below: pulled-apart on the left (smoother and less lumps), straight from the bag on the right (pretty clumpy and uneven).


Then stuff away.




Once you’ve stuffed your knee-high pretty much all the way, you’ll curve it into a donut shape and tuck the closed (toe) end into open (top) end.


You’ll do this for your 3 levels of the whipped cream, making each one slightly shorter, to create large, medium and small donuts.


I found that the length of the knee-highs were fine for the large and middle-sized rings, but the smallest needed to be cut.

A little line of hot glue along the open end of the knee-high will ensure it doesn’t come undone.

Now to make the cherry. Taking a square of red fabric – I used the sleeve of an old t-shirt – wrap it around a good-sized ball of fiber fill. I used more than I thought I needed because I wanted the cherry to be dense, and not to mushy.




Twist the opening to create your ball.


Using your red thread, wrap a good-length piece around it to secure the shape.


Once you’ve wrapped and tied your string off, you’ll insert the fabric end through your smallest donut’s hole.


Pull it through pretty well, as you’ll want it to sit snuggly in the donut.

Then you will cut the loose fabric away.


Using your hot glue, place a few dots at the base of the cherry, to secure it in place.


Now we’ll stack and sew the 3 donuts together.

Taking your thumb and pulling up on the top of the 2 rings you’re sewing together will help you make the stitches so they are hidden in the final product.

A basic looping stitch, fairly widely spaced will do the trick.


As you can see, when you remove your thumb, the stitches are hidden…


Continue around the ring, tie it off and then do the same for the top layer.



Now you’ll attached the headband, using felt and your hot glue. The band should be nestled into the bottom donut a bit so it makes contact with the wearer’s head.




Originally I thought I would be finished at this point, but something seemed to be missing…


I took a piece of brown paper, cut it into a rectangle, twisted it into a stem shape and hot glued it to the cherry.

I presented it to Mini Mug yesterday when she came home from school, and after a trim of the stem length and a replacement of the headband (the original one pictured above was too large for her head – oops), we were in business!




As you can, from the big smile of her face, she really likes it!


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