Craft Foam Heart Garland

I wanted to create a garland for Valentine’s Day decor, in the vain of my bat origami garland  – something that Mr. Mug might not be offended by from an aesthetics standpoint, and would be modern and fun at the same time. I am also a fan of the craft foam sheets you can purchase at Michael’s or similar. They cut so clean and there is something satisfying about working with them.

I thought an interlocking heart chain of sorts, with alternating colors would be fun and festive and add a little holiday cheer to our home without it looking like Cupid threw up in it.


heart garland template.pdf

Step 1: Print out the template and glue or double-side tape it to your cardboard.


Step 2: Using your scissors, carefully cut out the heart from the cardboard.


To remove the inside of the heart, you can cut through the bottom. We will be doing that on our foam hearts in order to connect them into the chain.



Step 3: Now you’ll trace the heart onto your foam. I rotated mine so I could fit as many as possible on the foam sheet.

Step 4: I used scissors to cut the outside of the heart, and an xacto blade to cut the inside. I felt I had more control this way, but the choice is yours.





Then you’ll snip the bottom of the heart so you’ll be able to connect them in the next step.


Step 5: Now you’ll connect your hearts together to form your garland. Attach 2, flip them over and run a line of glue over the seam at the bottom of the heart.



It’s important to make sure all your hearts are connected in the same direction:

a-wrongIf the second heart is weaving in from under and over the first heart, the third heart should do the same.

b-rightThe second and third hearts are connecting to the first and second the same way.

This helps the garland to lay flat when hanging. I actually made this mistake and you can see how it’s twisting and crooked.

If you find that you’ve done this you can just cut the bottoms of those incorrectly connected hearts at the seams, and re-glue properly.

Continue connecting and glueing your hearts.



Step 6: To attach the strings for hanging, I used a hole punch, made loop with my string and connected it to the ends of the garland.


Step 7: Hang your garland where ever you want some festive Valentine’s Day cheer.




I also had to include this little beauty Mini Mug made with some of the small center hearts…


I think it’s pretty precious. Maybe she’ll inspire me to make something from the rest of them. 🙂


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