Mug Makes! Framed Fortunes


I’m baaaack. After quite a hiatus I wanted to get back to making, and this was a project I’ve wanted to do for a while. If you’re like me, you save the fortunes from your cookies that strike a cord, evoke positivity or a smile. Over the years I’ve save a lot…


I thought it would be fun to display them in some fashion, so why not in a slick gold frame with some pretty patterned paper.


I chose a 9 x 12″ panorama frame I already had. It was a reddish wood, but I sprayed it gold.


I also had this patterned paper for years in my paper folder (a place where I store papers I’ve found that I think I may eventually use in a project, so once every few years makes it worth it ;)). I cut it to fit into the frame, using the cardboard insert as a guide.

I laid out all the fortunes I’ve collected and chose the 12 that I thought spoke to me the most.


I loosely placed them where I thought I’d like them to go and then measured to get approximate spacing.

I created a template in Illustrator that I could use to guide my placements.

You can download the template if you’re using a 4 x 12″ frame as I did. It prints on 8-1/2 x 11″ paper and you’ll see how to place it below.


I used paper clips to keep the template placed on my patterned paper, and applied my adhesive to the back of the first fortune.

I placed the fortune, using the cut-out in the template as my guide.

I continued this for the left side, my first 6 fortunes.

I then removed the template, flipped it for the other side of my lay out and continued until all were placed.

After inserting it back into the frame, I was all done and ready to hang.


I think it looks really lovely. Some nice daily affirmations of positivity.


And maybe give a Chinese food craving as well :).


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