Mug Makes! A Vintage Hook and Latch

It took me a while to settle into the lazy days of quarantine, but once I did, I discovered a longing to enhance home, for it is where we are spending all our time. I found a comfort in nostalgia, and a search for a childhood hobby on Ebay and Etsy uncovered this…

I knew it would not only provide something to keep me entertained and quench my thirst for a new project, but it would also create something that would enhance home and heart.

So this…

turned into this…

I didn’t keep track of how long it took to complete, but I have gone through 3-1/2 seasons of “Scandal” on Hulu, if that’s any indication.

Here it is hung in our dining room.

That’s Big Chew, by the way. I think the hook and latch compliments him nicely, 70’s era and all.

So now I’m sort of on a kick, much to Mr. Mug’s chagrin. He prefers to keep our retro house decor to a minimum.
(Consider this a preamble to the needlepoint pillow saga that we’ve had for the bulk of our marriage :).)

Here is my new procurement from ebay…

When I opened the box and saw those bundles of yarn, a wave of nostalgia hit me. Sitting in my parent den as a kid working on a project while “Little House on the Prairie” or “Love Boat” was showing on the 40 inch honking tube TV.

Ah, memories.