Mug Makes! A Vintage Hook and Latch

It took me a while to settle into the lazy days of quarantine, but once I did, I discovered a longing to enhance home, for it is where we are spending all our time. I found a comfort in nostalgia, and a search for a childhood hobby on Ebay and Etsy uncovered this…

I knew it would not only provide something to keep me entertained and quench my thirst for a new project, but it would also create something that would enhance home and heart.

So this…

turned into this…

I didn’t keep track of how long it took to complete, but I have gone through 3-1/2 seasons of “Scandal” on Hulu, if that’s any indication.

Here it is hung in our dining room.

That’s Big Chew, by the way. I think the hook and latch compliments him nicely, 70’s era and all.

So now I’m sort of on a kick, much to Mr. Mug’s chagrin. He prefers to keep our retro house decor to a minimum.
(Consider this a preamble to the needlepoint pillow saga that we’ve had for the bulk of our marriage :).)

Here is my new procurement from ebay…

When I opened the box and saw those bundles of yarn, a wave of nostalgia hit me. Sitting in my parent den as a kid working on a project while “Little House on the Prairie” or “Love Boat” was showing on the 40 inch honking tube TV.

Ah, memories.


2 thoughts on “Mug Makes! A Vintage Hook and Latch

  1. What are the chances… I found the exact same hook and latch in a second hand store only to find no counting square by square instructions. Did yours include them and would you still have them to help a fellow hook and latcher out…I would be so grateful.


    1. Hi Lindsay, So sorry for the delay in responding. Mine didn’t come with any counting instructions either. But the canvas was printed so I just followed as best I could, and made sure there was symmetry on both sides. Hope that helps! Happy crafting!


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