Mug Makes! Pom-pom and Yarn Ornaments


Fun, festive and fast. These ornaments really couldn’t be simpler to make and add a pop of holiday color to your tree.


I used the hot glue for the pom-pom ornament and the white glue for the yarn one. My favorite glue for this type of project, where you want it to stick quick, is Alene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue. It’s thick, so I applied it with a brush.

First, pom-poms.…

Using your hot glue, place your first pom-pom.


Continue so you’ve made a ring of pom-poms around your styrofoam ball.


Fill in the naked sides of the ball.


Final pom-pom…


To create a loop to hang your ornamnent, cut a length of yarn.


Loop it.


And using a blob of your hit glue, nestle it down into the pom-poms. I used the eraser end of a pencil to hold it firm while it dried.


And there you have your pom-pom ornament!


Now, for our yarn ornament…

Using the white glue, create a small spiral at the top of your ball.


Continue glueing and winding…


…until you’re reached about the halfway point on your ball.


Then repeat the process starting at the opposite end. I found splitting the winding and starting at both ends made it easier.


When your ball is completely covered, trim your yarn and add an extra smudge of glue and tuck the end in.


To create the hanging loop, cut a lenth of thread long enough to wrap around the ball and make a loop.


Wrap the yarn up and at the top make a knot.


Adjust the yarn so it is in the middle at the bottom and even on both sides, and then make a second knot to lock it in place.


Take your lose yarn and create a double knot at the end, and there is your yarn-wrapped ornament!


These can be made in so many colors. Do the whole rainbow and keep them around after the holiday has ended.



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